Wrapped Poster Advertising

Wrapped Posters Advertising

MediaLease OOH provides one-stop shopping for all Advertising that reaches target audiences Out of Home (OOH). Our product options include wrapped poster advertising which offers more copy space than the usual posters. Their stacked or square design in a unique vertical format is a big draw for the public. Sometimes, these square units can be prepared in a junior poster configuration as well. Ideally suited for targeting a particular area within a market, wrapped posters can only feature in those markets with structure configurations that allow for installation. Measuring the impact of your message can be obtained using TAB OOH Ratings, reach and frequency influence through several accepted media software programs. Purchase them either long-term or in rotary packages. Curtail your content to a few words, and go in for a simple design. Wrapped Posters are more impactful this way. A creative poster advertising will court attention, generate interest and have a positive outcome. Have a call-to-action phrase in the form of making a phone call, visiting a shop or navigating to a website. People will be encouraged to take a closer walk to you.

Overall Benefits

  • If you have an upcoming event or a product or service that’s on the way, a wrapped square poster can announce the arrivals, sparking up much-needed interest.
  • Posters by their character have the capability of making an impression on a viewer’s mind. Use it to increase your brand awareness
  • Unlike print, radio, and television, you don’t end up spending too much on a poster.
  • Posters are staring at people who are already actively engaged in their surroundings. So those waiting at a bus stop, strolling the street or lining up at the local nightclub are likely to notice your poster as part of their routine.
  • You can strategically place your poster for best mileage, and it will be seen by your target audiences – the way it should be.
  • Make Wrapped Poster Advertising with MediaLease OOH your preferred platform to woo targets.
Wrapped posters offer greater copy area than a standard poster. Stacked or square posters draw attention to an advertiser’s message through a unique vertical format. Sometimes these square units are available in a junior poster configuration as well.


Wrapped posters can be used for targeting a specific area within a market. Selections can be made from available poster locations.


These posters are limited to markets where structure configurations allow for this method of installation.


TAB OOH Ratings are the official measurement system. Reach and frequency can be calculated using several accepted media software programs.


Wrapped posters can be purchased either long-term or in rotary packages.


Overall Size
Wrapped Posters: 12’3” H x 24’6” W
Wrapped Square Poster: 24’6” H x 24’6”
Wrapped Square Jr. Poster: 10’ H x 11’ W

Efficient creative design is critical for visual impact. A simple design with few words provides the best impact for reaching the targeted audience.

These posters are printed on vinyl or other lightweight plastic substrates. A four inch pole pocket is contained within the bleed on all four sides.

Make Wrapped Poster Advertising with MediaLease OOH your preferred platform to woo targets.

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