Phone Kiosk Advertising

MediaLease OOH provides one-stop shopping for all Advertising that reaches target audiences Out of Home (OOH). Our product options include telephone kiosk panels i.e. ads affixed to freestanding public telephones, available in many forms. The benefits that unfold from phone advertising kiosks stem from their position in downtown districts, busy thoroughfares, and neighborhoods, where they are visible to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic for a long stretch of time. The diverse population of passersby is an advertiser’s dream audience.

Use Phone Booth Kiosk Advertising to advertise your brand all over the city and the surrounding boroughs. As the advertising kiosk can be seen from the streets and avenues, they allow for full coverage, and are impactful when the media format is vibrant and inviting. The display at eye-level makes it easy to read, while its broad reach makes it a cost-effective choice. Messages can be spread among blocks to create a substantial impact. You can choose from a variety of formats that best suits your purpose. Phone Kiosks, which are vertical displays on the sides of public telephone structures, backlit at night or City Panels in horizontal or vertical, framed and permanent, display format which appear on the street side of public telephone structures. Super City Panels are backlit displays appearing on the back (street side) of telephone kiosks, while backlit LED ad panels carry changing messages. Available in major cities like New York and Los Angeles, use them to reach audiences in thickly populated center cities or campus areas. You can purchase them in four-week cycles for remarkable impact.

Telephone kiosk panels are ads affixed to freestanding public telephones and are available in several forms.


Phone Kiosks
Vertical displays which appear on the sides of public telephone structures. Backlit at night.

City Panels
Displays, horizontal or vertical, which appear on the back side (street side) of public telephone structures. Framed and permanently attached to the phone booth.

Super City Panels
Backlit displays appearing on the back (street side) of telephone kiosks.

Electronic Display Kiosks
Backlit LED ad panels that carry changing messages.


Used to reach pedestrians and vehicular traffic in densely populated center city or campus areas.


Available in large cities including New York and Los Angeles.


Purchased in four week cycles. In urban centers, telephone kiosks offer a variety of advertising options.


Telephone Kiosk: 50” H x 26” W 48” H x 24” W
City Panels: Vertical 50” H x 26” W 49” H x 25” W
City Panels: Horizontal 26”H x 53”W 25”H x 52”W
Super City Panel: 35 11/16” H x 80 1/2” W 33” H x 77 1/2” W
LED Phone Kiosk: 41” H x 26” W 39” H x 24” W
Two -Sheet Kiosk: 46” H x 60” W 42” H X 57” W


Lithography, screen printing, or digitally printed on translucent material. Copy bleeds four sides.

0.015 Styrene. For lithography, print both sides.

Weatherproof/waterproof outdoor inks.

Scaled 1/2” to 1” digital output, resolution 300 dpi. Telephone Kiosks: 25” H x 13” W, safety 1/2”
City Panels: Vertical: 25” H x 26 1/2” W, safety 1/2”
Horizontal: 13” H x 26 1/2” W, safety 1/2”
Super City Panels: 8 7/16” H x 20 1/8” W, safety 1/2” (1/4” to 1”)
LED Phone Kiosks: 20” H x 13” W, safety 1/2”

Ten percent per each four weeks of posting.

Ten working days prior to posting date.

Trim to size, pack flat or soft-roll.

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