Placed Based Digital Networks

MediaLease OOH is a provider of place based digital networks to advertise your brands and its services at places where people are actively involved in their daily lives: on the way to make purchases, in malls, movie theatres, bars, gyms and doctors offices, office lobbies, elevators, restaurants, taxis, airports, planes, gas stations, sports arenas, check-out counters, coffee shops, lobby shops, convenience stores, supermarkets, gas pumps, and transit hubs. At places where customers can wait and watch. Your advertising will flash on indoor and some outdoor electronic billboard screens – in high-resolution screens of various sizes – which are often IT enabled. To communicate your message on place-based digital networks you can use a variety of formats like full motion video, animated graphics, and still-frame formats. The screens can be updated instantaneously and targeted to desired demographic audiences. Use the LED display advertising to build your brand, to reinforce your current ad campaign to the general public or a targeted audience. This platform is available across the USA and the creative can be sent to us digitally.

The advantages of digital screens:

  • Digital displays are directed at viewers in particular locations where a message can be targeted contextually based on their location.
  • As these networks are offered at specific locations, targeting can drill down by geographic area, demographics, shopping intent, and based on how viewers are spending time.
  • In digital billboard advertising, format of the messages can be changed quickly, providing closer targeting based on many variables.
  • Digital place-based advertising networks can extend to any location imaginable, such as sporting events or horse racetracks.

Using the right place-based opportunities should enable you to influence a purchase, reach your best prospects, appear to prospects when they are in the right state of mind, synergize in a compatible venue and earn community goodwill. There are lots of options for you to launch your place-based media campaign. And with the right placement, targeting the right customers is easy.

A broad category, this section provides information on some common formats. These indoor and some OOH video screens are often internet-enabled, seen in major markets throughout the United States as well as internationally, and provide entertainment, news, weather, sports, and targeted advertising to consumers -- while they wait in line or in elevators, check-out counters, coffee shops, lobby shops, convenience stores, supermarkets, gas pumps, and transit hubs.

The screens can often be updated instantly and targeted precisely to desired demographic audiences.


National and regional advertisers use digital place-based screens to build brand awareness and reinforce existing advertising campaigns to targeted and mass audiences.


Located in major markets.


Targeted advertising packages are available.


Overall Size
High resolution screens come in variable sizes.

Full motion video, animated graphics, and still frame formats are used.

Creative may be sent digitally.

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