Pedestrian Panels

MediaLease OOH provides one-stop shopping for all Advertising that reaches target audiences Out of Home (OOH). Our product options include pedestrian advertising panels – backlit and bus shelter size seen on the inner borders of sidewalks. From parking lot locations they face outwards and are a spectacle in high-density metropolitan areas. With a pedestrian panel advertisement you can impact the subconscious mind of pedestrians, drivers and passengers who use the road where your advert is visible. The more the merrier, so advertising panels find their worth in metropolitan shopping, tourist and downtown areas, close to business, retail, hospitals and entertainment. Where the buzz is high, and the audience large and diverse. With their big size and backlighting that makes them visible 24/7, they are easy to notice. In 5 seconds you will have marketed your product or company to your targets. Short phrases, and photographic data is easily registered so let your content be catchy to draw interest from onlookers.

Pedestrian Panels

  • Opt to advertise, in New York City, Chicago, Washington, DC, Boston, and Philadelphia.
  • Circulation audits are provided by TAB (Traffic Audit Bureau). Other marketing data is available from sellers.
  • Purchase individually or in coverage packages.


  • Huge and eye-catching
  • Targets a large and diverse market
  • Easily registered information
  • Increased frequency of consumer exposure
  • Effective medium of awareness advertising
  • Targets middle and upper classes
  • Photographic information (strong visual effect)
  • Builds company reputation and product image
  • Quick rise in sales
  • Guaranteed audience
  • Customers find you
Pedestrian panels are backlit, bus shelter-size showcases located on the inner perimeter of sidewalks, facing outward from parking lot locations in high-density metropolitan locales.


Used to reach pedestrian and vehicular traffic in metropolitan shopping, tourist and downtown areas, in proximity to business, retail, hospitals and entertainment.

Currently in New York City; Chicago; Washington, DC; Boston; Philadelphia. Can be built to accommodate client needs.

Research/Market Information
Circulation audits provided by TAB (Traffic Audit Bureau). Other marketing data available from sellers.

Method of Purchase
May be purchased individually or in coverage packages.

Size varies by market / operator



Small Quantities
Photographically or by digital technology (matte or glossy).

Large Quantities
Screen printed, photogelatine or offset lithography.
Reverse printing on the back will improve illumination quality of backlit displays.

Screen Print or Lithography
8.5 point Opaline
Varicolor, PDI Laminate
Stock should be white, moderately transparent (12-15% light transmitting).

Outdoor inks or photographically.


Scaled 1/4" to 1'. Digital output resolution 300 dpi.

Production in one section only.

20-25% per 4 weeks of posting.

Ten working days prior to posting.

Finishing: trim to size, pack flat or soft-roll.

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