Bus Bench Advertising

Bus Bench Advertising

With MediaLease OOH you can buy all your Out of Home Advertising under one roof including Bus Bench Advertising for that everyday 24X7 presence. These 4-color process silk-screened posters affixed to the backrest of bus benches cannot help but be noticed by the thousands of riders and pedestrians that pass by or frequent the metropolitan area at high traffic junctures. Here, the medium finds its best value or at any other place with a high density of footfall and vehicles. Mass markets and specific demographic segments are well reached using this platform. Bus Bench Advertising is often seen near supermarkets, malls, movie theaters, record stores, tourist attractions to instigate one to make a point-of-sale purchase. Sellers can provide audience estimates and other marketing data to help you with your decisions.

Why should one ride on Bus Bench Advertising?

  • It’s cheap. Compare it with other forms of advertising, the cost per ad is pennies on the dollar. To make an impact buy sufficient locations and ad time. Strategically placed Bus Bench Ads are hard to ignore, as against a newspaper when only a percentage of readers will read your ad.
  • Placed at street level, they are conducive and inviting enough to be read by pedestrians and drivers in urban areas.
  • Need to target a particular geographic area? Bus Bench Advertising works better than print or broadcast in such instances. Use your geographic targeting as the basis for B2B or consumer segmentation built on bus ridership and foot traffic data.
  • Stationary bus shelter ads often seen by regulars get etched in their minds. The power of repetition is at play here.
  • A bus bench advert never sleeps. They work for your business 24/7 rather than just being featured on a 30-second spot each day. And also at a fraction of the cost of a TV or print ad.
Bus bench advertising consists of 4-color process silk-screened posters affixed to the backrest area of bus benches. Located at bus stops within metropolitan areas at high traffic intersections.


Used primarily to reach pedestrian and vehicular traffic (as well as bus riders) in metropolitan markets. Utilized for target reach of specific demographic segments as well as mass-market coverage. Used as a point-of-sale vehicle near supermarkets, malls, movie theaters, record stores, tourist attractions and so forth.

California and other metropolitan markets.

Research/Market Information
Audience estimates and other marketing data available from sellers.

Method of Purchase
Sold in packages for mass-market coverage or individually placed to reach specific

demographics. Specifications
Overall size is 24" H x 84" W with copy area of 22 1/2" H x 82 1/2" W.

General dimensions are similar to bulletins. Can be created using numerous solid colors or 4-color process.


Silk-screened directly onto stock in one solid color to complete 4-color process.

.125 tempered Masonite or styrene.

For process silk-screen printing, ultraviolet ink is used with a clear coating for increased outdoor durability.

Bench panels are printed in one piece.

From 5% to 20%, based on terms of lease.

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