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November 7, 2018
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December 27, 2018
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Top Trends for 2019 that are Changing the OOH Experience

Out of home advertising is very much alive and relevant, thanks to a steady trend of innovation that continues to provide marketing companies with new and effective ways to promote brands and businesses by keeping products and services in front of the right audiences. Modern outdoor advertising in Los Angeles is characterized by advanced technological integration, as evidenced by digital outdoor billboard advertising and other tech-based strategies that provide marketers greater power and ability to advertise in today’s increasingly modern marketplace.

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Kept alive by innovation, below are some of the most significant outdoor billboard advertising trends that are changing the way outdoor advertising in Los Angeles is growing:

  • Digitalization – One of the biggest trends in out of home advertising is the shift from traditional to digital out of home opportunities, which are typically seen in many indoor and outdoor venues, ranging from billboards to street furniture, metros, airports, shopping malls, transport depots, and other avenues where mass audiences tend to congregate. Digital out of home advertising is also making way for more creative use of ad campaigns, especially with today’s more contextual and dynamic content, which audiences demand.
  • Data-driven campaigns – Data is also being increasingly used for measured precision and more focused audience targeting. The use of data and analytics is rapidly increasing in different aspects of the outdoor advertising industry, by collecting audience and location-specific data, which allows content to be built around what audiences want and need.
  • Mobile integration – Like many aspects of business, mobile integration is also increasingly being implemented in advertising. In this era of smartphones and connected devices, people spend the majority of their time looking at online content and most of this information consumption happens through their personal phones. Out of home experiences are enhanced by personalized content sent directly to users’ inboxes and screens and this is made possible by advanced mobile tracking and data-driven applications that enable mobile integration and highly personalized digital out of home campaigns. These technologies allow for localized and contextual messages that help enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.