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September 17, 2018
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Top 5 Emerging Technologies of Outdoor Advertising

Today’s population is dominated by digital natives – those who have never known a world without digital technology. Even older generations have become accustomed to and acquainted with new technology, making modern populations great targets for new media campaigns that go beyond TV commercials, print media, and radio announcements.

Outdoor Advertising
Billboards remain the king of outdoor advertising. Today, however, outdoor advertising agencies make use of brand new and more technologically advanced digital out of home advertising strategies in order to leverage the power of larger than life billboards in combination with new technology. MediaLease OOH is one of the nation’s leading outdoor advertising agencies offering a comprehensive array of digital out of home advertising services and solutions for businesses wishing to take advantage of emerging technologies in the field of outdoor advertising.

Below are five of the trendiest outdoor advertising technologies dominating the industry today that are expected to rise in popularity in the coming years:

  • Digital billboards – Digital billboards create a new twist on the classic static, single-graphic out of home billboard, by making use of digital screens that can display multiple, dynamic ads which can be controlled and changed at will. This allows for greater flexibility when it comes to disseminating timely and impactful marketing messages to the right audience.
  • Beacons – Popular with retailers in micro locations, such as boutiques in multi-floor buildings and other types of business establishments, beacons are widely used by marketers to send out personalized and engaging marketing messages directly to smartphones, tablets, and other personal mobile devices. These devices make use of Bluetooth signals and similar types of connections to target people within range, alerting them of promotions in a timely manner, increasing opportunities for engagement and conversions.
  • Geo-fencing – Geo-fencing is a lot like beacon technology, in that it allows location based digital out of home advertising. Geo-fencing services send out messages to targeted smartphone users within pre-defined geographic areas, which helps to drive traffic and conversion.
  • NFC or near-field communication – This refers to short-range wireless protocols that enable devices to share information while providing wireless access through electronic keyless entry. For instance, consumers can easily tap tags on smart posters, billboards, digital signage displays, or even magazine pages so that location-specific content can be displayed on their devices.
  • Digital signage – Like digital billboards, there has also been a big rise in the use of digital signage, including touch screen displays, that project interactive content or streamed media for marketing, self-service access, and way-finding purposes.