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Puerto Rico’s original one-stop shopping advertising company offers you conventional and digital Out of Home advertising platforms to reach out to customers. We have experience and exposure in matching advertising objectives to the choicest of platforms, covering traditional platforms like Billboards, Interior & Exterior Rail & Bus Advertising, Bus Shelter Advertising and Mall Advertising and even dynamic and digital ones like Digital Billboards, Posters and Bulletins, Bus Shelters and Exterior Bus Advertising. You can expect exemplary service and good rates with MediaLease OOH whether it’s a billboard advertising solution in Puerto Rico, or a digital billboard, or a poster.

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Outdoor Advertising booming in Puerto Rico

Outdoor Advertising is still a very efficient and fruitful method of communicating advertising messages, especially in Puerto Rico. No matter the size or purpose of your business, it’s extremely likely that using outdoor advertising in Puerto Rico could be beneficial to your brand.

Puerto Rico, the Caribbean hotspot is a favorite advertising outdoor destination, and home to big-name advertisers like Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart, Sears, Macy’s, Kmart, Johnson & Johnson and Hilton. No small wonder, when the location has one of the highest densities of vehicle traffic moving across its brand new highways (approximately 743 cars/1,000 inhabitants), making the island one of the best outdoor advertising markets.

Retailers, hotels, and pharmaceutical companies find it worth their while to grab the attention of those lounging on Puerto Rico’s beaches, or near rivers and lakes, with say a Digital Billboard or a Poster advert. Travelers from all over the world come to experience the region’s rainforest activities, caves, excursion and exotic Caribbean nightlife. The location’s history, tropical climate, food and tax incentives are incentive enough for people to visit this bustling place located in the northeastern Caribbean Sea. Tourism contributes nearly $4 billion to Puerto Rico’s economy. It had been reported that by the end of 2016, 10 million passengers would be welcomed by Puerto Rico Airports, 11 new airlines were set up in the last 3 years – all these developments create a fertile ground for launching a new product or service, initiating a call-to-action or underlining a well-known brand’s success story. When you advertise in Puerto Rico, you talk to an audience with Latin spending habits and American culture. Of all the commercial cities of the Caribbean, the San Juan Metropolitan Area is the wealthiest as it’s home to multiple high-profile U.S. Corporations from every major category.

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