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April 18, 2018
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August 16, 2018
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OOH Industry: Challenges and prospect

The future prospects for OOH advertising industry are very optimistic.”

The key drivers for the exponential growth of the OOH (Out-of-Home) advertising are changing lifestyle and demographic trends, changing macro-dynamic variables, augmenting consumer awareness, increased spending by advertisers on billboards in Miami and billboard advertising in Los Angeles, and rising population who spend majority time out of their home.

Digital OOH advertising has progressed from being a passive media outlet to something that is modern, sophisticated, and helps to drive mobile searches. As mobile technologies are becoming more advanced, they will continue to contribute to the rapid development of OOH technology. OOH advertising has also changed the market dynamics of the advertising industry, and is rapidly replacing the reliance on traditional media outlets such as TV and print.

Another important realization is that the innovation in the recent technologies such as augmented reality, dynamic content trigger, facial recognition – all of these will enhance the creative storytelling power of OOH.

The industry experts believe that one the key prospects for the industry will be creating ways to help nurture two-way interaction. Adding personalized consumer experience will cause tremendous positivity around the campaigns, driving both retention and conversion of customers. OOH in the future will be addressable, interactive, and quantifiable for clients to help them make better-informed decisions and create a fantastic experience for customers. Digitally and data-driven, digitally-connected campaigns will drive advertising more aggressively.

Also, the OOH industry is on the road to provide exciting innovations that will address current perceptions of OOH and drive the vision to provide relevant and compelling campaigns.

• Impactful, ubiquitous, and contextually relevant OOH formats and billboard advertising in Los Angeles
• Innovative digital technologies that enable the industry to respond in real time
• Increased measurability with OOH ratings
• Smart device amplification
• High impact creative executions
• Advanced business practices that make the OOH formats easier to buy

However, the challenge lies in the fact of tacking accurate OOH data such as real-time exposure. It is perhaps the most complicated issue, and one that is easier said than done.  

Nevertheless, we are here to work closely with our clients and the OOH industry as a whole to explore measures to address this challenge and advocate prospects. We are excited to contribute to the innovative nature of the industry and as always, we’d be happy to help for your next campaign.