Billboard Advertising in New Orleans

New Orleans is a flourishing city in Louisiana, perched on the Mississippi River. Known as “The Big Easy,” New Orleans has a population of more than 384,320 residents with a median household income of $37,146. Advertising outdoors in New Orleans will reap rich benefits. MediaLease OOH offers a variety of media platforms here from Digital LED billboard advertising in New Orleans, LA to traditional billboards. On railways, in malls, in shopping areas, on the highways – locations that will bring you high visibility as your brand message flashes to the passerby on the go.

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New Orleans has long been known for excellent food, music, and architecture. Little wonder then that is a hot spot for tourists, who come from near and far to view its major sports events, conventions, and festivals. The tourism industry is a colossal part of the economy of New Orleans. Attractions like the historic French Quarter, St. Charles Avenue, home of Tulane and Loyola Universities, and Bourbon Street draw thousands of visitors to the city every year. Mardi Gras and the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival are patronized by millions of tourists, while its National WWII Museum, won a Top Travelers Award in 2015. The resultant influx of visitors provides the perfect environment for effective outdoor advertising in New Orleans.

The city also boasts two professional sports teams, the New Orleans Saints, and New Orleans Pelicans, and hosts major sporting events such as the Sugar Bowl, the New Orleans Bowl and the Zurich Classic. Out-of-home advertising and billboard opportunities also exist in the campus of the many colleges located in New Orleans such as Tulane University. Additionally, Billboards on highways would generate high traffic exposure of your business. Orleans motorists spend an average of 23 mins driving to work each day, and more than 28,986 businesses are located in New Orleans.

Full of diversity, out-of-home (OOH) billboard advertisers in New Orleans can target specific markets and local communities. The city is waiting to help you make an impact for you. And, so are we.

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