Billboard Advertising in Mobile Alabama and Pensacola

MediaLease OOH offers Out-of-Home (OOH) media advertising and Digital LED Billboard advertising in Mobile, Alabama, Pensacola, Florida and Ft. Walton Beach, Florida, to help companies drive home high-impact brand and product messages. We make outdoor advertising simple. Businesses as well as marketing and advertising agencies can utilize our exceptional billboard inventory and high-traffic locations to reach their audience. We offer Wrapped Poster Advertising in Mobile, AL-Pensacola, Ft. Walton Beach, In-Store Advertising, Mobile Billboard Advertising and more – striving hard to deliver at all times exceptional service and value-for-money to our customers.

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Mobile, Alabama

You can take your advertising outdoors in Mobile, Alabama, and expect a good response. The city has more than 415,123 residents who hold a median household income of $43,028. Known more commonly as the Port City, Mobile, is a rich amalgamation of cultures and traditions which brings in the opportunity to widen your potential customer base. Its cultural diversity springs forth a number of festivals and attractions that bring in newcomers into the city. Art museums and performing art venues, the Mobile Carnival Museum, are indicative of its rich culture – which attracts people to this city. Mobile is the home of the first-ever Mardi Gras and is a city that takes having fun seriously. Against this high cultural density, and its spin off on high traffic, Mobile creates a perfect environment for effective advertising opportunities.

Mobile motorists spend an average of about 24 minutes driving to work each day, and more than 13,632 businesses are located in Mobile. The major highways that service the city are perfect for outdoor advertising and billboards. Billboards on I-10, I-65, or I-165 would generate high traffic exposure of your business. Fort Walton Beach

Fort Walton Beach has more than 21,558 residents with a median household income of $47,761. The primary attraction to this city is its Emerald Coast - a national beach resort and a favorite spot for fishing and tourists. Out-of-home advertising at this location is bound to reach a huge number of people. Another notable venue for putting out your message is the Fort Walton Beach Snowbird Club. By and large, Fort Walton Beach’s prime location between Pensacola and Panama City is covered by gorgeous white sand beaches and enjoyable golf courses. Leverage on the popularity of this coastline to advertise outdoors.

Outdoor advertising near the campus of Northwest Florida State College would reach college-aged consumers while also targeting the attention of tourists who come there from out of town.

Billboards on State Road 189 or US 98 would yield high traffic exposure of your business. Fort Walton Beach motorists spend an average of 17.9 mins driving to work each day.


The City of Five Flags – Pensacola - is home to more than 50,000 people with a median household income of $44,144. The city has known the rule of Spain, Great Britain, France, The Confederate States of America, and The United States of America. High-traffic spots to publicize your message: the Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival, Fort Barrancas, the National Naval Aviation Museum, Perdido Key Wine & Art Festival.

Billboards on I-10 or I-110 would also generate high traffic exposure of your business. Pensacola motorists spend an average of 19 mins driving to work each day, and more than 18,585 businesses are located in Pensacola.

As Pensacola is a waterfront city based in the north of Florida, it sports many protected beaches. Pensacola, Oriole, Orange Beaches. The charm of the beaches attract many tourists, making the location ripe for outdoor advertising.

By strategically placing billboards and outdoor advertising at high buzz locations or nearby, you may be able to engage a larger and more diverse audience. Contact us for outdoor advertising in Mobile, AL, Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach. We deliver more than we promise.