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Indianapolis has a lot to offer those wanting to turn their brand into a household name. As the capital and the largest city in the state of Indiana, and the third largest city in the Midwest after Chicago and Detroit, choosing Medialease OOH's sprawling inventory of billboard advertising in Indianapolis will help you reach out to this vast population every day. With an estimated population of 853,173 in 2015, Indianapolis just cannot be ignored. We are a one-stop shopping advertising company offering traditional as well as digital outdoor advertising platforms including Interior & Exterior Railways & Bus Advertising, Bus Shelter Advertising and Poster Advertising and more in this location. Excellent services and fair rates are the hallmarks of our entity, whether it's a digital LED billboard in Indianapolis or a traditional one.

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Indianapolis Highlights

  • The city's central location—concerning the state and much of the country—has made it an important transport and distribution center since the nineteenth century.
  • Indianapolis' most famous athletic event is the Indianapolis 500, held annually at the Indianapolis Speedway.
  • Indianapolis Airport Advertising is an opportunity. Nearly eight million passengers a year use Indianapolis International Airport. It is also a package-sorting hub for FedEx and a U.S. Postal Service hub.
  • The layout of Indianapolis, the nation's twelfth-largest city, is a grid pattern modeled on that of Washington D.C. Its major thoroughfares intersect at the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, in the heart of the city. The major east-west artery is Washington Street (I-40). The primary north-south road is Meridian Street, which is a commercial center, perfect for Indianapolis Outdoor Advertising.
  • The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra which has been ranked by the New York Times as one of the nation's ten best orchestras, performs in the renovated Circle Theatre and at other venues throughout the state.
  • Artsgarden, a glass-domed performance and exhibition space in the heart of the city, connected to the major convention center and the RCA Dome by sky-walks, hosts over 300 events annually.
  • Indianapolis is a major transport center because of its geographically central location. Five railroads, four interstate highways, and an international airport provide shipping services.

Our core outdoor advertising in Indianapolis locations will help build buzz around your brand and make an impact on your campaign with eye-catching Indiana billboards.

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