Billboard Advertising in Harrisburg and Lebanon

MediaLease OOH has coverage on all the major interstates in the Harrisburg market; the main corridors used to travel from between Harrisburg, York, Lancaster, Lebanon and other hubs. As a one-stop outdoor advertising company, you can use our dynamic billboard advertising platforms – traditional or digital LED billboard advertising to broadcast your brand or sales message on railways, bus shelters, cinemas, shopping malls and more.

Out-of-Home Solutions in this area:

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Harrisburg, the Capital of Pennsylvania, is home to 50,000 people and claims a large government workforce. The Greater Harrisburg area is the center of transportation and houses Fortune 500 companies such as Hershey Foods, Harsco, and Rite Aid. Utilize outdoor advertising in locations near Hershey Park, Pennsylvania State University, Gettysburg Battlefield Park. In downtown Harrisburg high traffic venues such as the Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts allow you to spend your advertising budget effectively. The major highways and roadways servicing Harrisburg also provide billboard possibilities, billboards on I-83 would generate high traffic exposure of your business.


In Lancaster, the Red Rose City, nearly 60,000 residents live. You can choose to advertise in downtown Lancaster, near the Park City Center shopping mall or in the neighborhoods such as Blossom Hill, Church Townee, and Eden Heights. Billboards near the Demuth Museum or the Arnold Tanger Arboretum or on US 30 or US 222 would also generate high traffic exposure of your business. The City of Lancaster has it all – a fantastic art community with over 90 art venues, shopping and dining at over 300 establishments, historic architecture and great cultural and entertainment attractions. Lancaster is sometimes referred to as the “Spanish Rose” because of a large number of residents with Hispanic Heritage. Each year Lancaster celebrates its Hispanic heritage with the annual Puerto Rican Festival.


Lebanon is near to Harrisburg and so is a special place to make visible your outdoor advertisement. It also has a population of more than 20,000 people. Interesting spots to advertise include the campus of Harrisburg Area Community College, Josiah Funuck Mansion or the Reading Railroad Station, which are historical locations, and on its prominent highways and roadways which are used by many people.


York, home to 40,000 people, generates high visibility near its universities- York College of Pennsylvania, Penn State York, and The Art Institute of York-Pennsylvania., sports stadiums like the Sovereign Bank Stadium and the York City Ice Arena and on its roadways that service York.

Outdoor Advertising in Harrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon-York, PA will yield great prospects. The Harrisburg–York–Lebanon, PA Combined Statistical Area (CSA) consists of six counties in southern Pennsylvania. The United States Office of Management and Budget has recognized the Harrisburg and York areas together with several Metropolitan Statistical Areas to make a Combined Statistical Area, located in southern Pennsylvania. The CSA had a population total of 1,219, and ranked the 3rd most populous in the state of Pennsylvania and 43rd most populous in the United States as per the 2010 United States Census.