Featured Outdoor Ads

Mark Fisher Fitness

Advertiser: Mark Fisher Fitness
Objective: Create awareness in and around neighborhoods in vicinity of Fitness Centers.
Solution: Neighborhood Phone Kiosk ads placed at street level in proximity to Mark Fisher Fitness.

Barker Adoption Agency

Advertiser: Barker Adoption Agency
Objective: Create awareness and generate support for adoption in the greater Richmond area.
Solution: High Profile Digital and Static Billboards situated on primary arterial routes in the greater Richmond VA area.

Serco, Inc.

Advertiser: Serco, Inc.
Objective: Promote Job Fair event in the greater Norfolk Area.
Solution: Digital Billboard advertising situated at high circulation location in Norfolk, VA market in advance of event.

A Taste of Thai

Advertiser: Andre Prost – A Taste of Thai
Objective: Reach potential Consumers in applicable market areas nationally.
Solution: Target point of purchase outlets with high impact Bulletin coverage.

Golden Gate Fields

Advertiser: Golden Gate Fields
Objective: Promote GGF as premier horse racing destination for San Francisco Bay Area.
Solution: Poster and Interior car card OOH targeting commuters on their way to and from work and play.


Advertiser: Various Hooters Restaurants
Objective: Target potential Sports Fans approaching Football season.
Solution: Various applicable OOH formats by market.


Advertiser: MackinawCity.com
Objective: Target potential Family members prior to summer vacation period.
Solution: Bulletin coverage targeting household decision makers in southern Michigan suburbs.