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MediaLease OOH is a one stop shopping outdoor advertising company offering prime billboard locations in Buffalo, NY. Out-of-Home (OOH) media advertising and digital billboard advertising in Buffalo, NY, are a proven and cost-effective medium to deliver high impact and localized messages. We offer an array of outdoor media platforms including mall advertising, on bus shelters, railways, airports and more. Value for money and quality delivery are the hallmarks of our service.

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Buffalo won’t let you down with your brand ambitions. Nicknamed the ‘City of Good Neighbors,’ Buffalo is home to more than 258,703 residents with a median household income of $30,942. The Buffalo-Niagara metropolitan area is home to 1,215,826 inhabitants. With such a large population behind it, Buffalo is only second to New York regarding people strength. In 2010, Forbes rated Buffalo the tenth best place to raise a family in America.

Targeting specific markets becomes possible in Buffalo, as the city embraces 30 different neighborhoods. Broadway-Fillmore, Central Park, Cold Springs and Delaware District are locations offering high visibility for outdoor advertising in Buffalo. To target a younger audience, Universities like the University of Buffalo and The State University of New York can achieve this.

It is Buffalo’s four season climate and closeness to the Canadian borders that pulls in the visitors. To explore Buffalo’s shopping spots and experience its professional sports teams, casinos, awe-inspiring Niagara Falls and growing waterfront – made possible by Buffalo’s convenient transit system.

Advertising in the Buffalo Niagara International Airport and the Niagara Falls International Airport makes it easy to target visitors and residents.

Healthcare and education are amongst its economic resources, while more than 17, 884 businesses are located in Buffalo. Buffalo motorists spend an average of 20 mins driving to work each day – making the chance of your outdoor advertisement been seen quite high.

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