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4 Things That Will Give Your Billboard Ad Maximum Impact

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Although the out of home advertising landscape is constantly evolving, outdoor billboard advertising has remained one of the most powerful means of promoting brands and businesses. From traditional print ads to the now-widespread digital billboard advertising strategy, companies have more options than ever to spread their message and make their story heard through billboards. The question remains: What makes billboards impactful and memorable? Here are some of the major things you should consider when planning an outdoor billboard advertising campaign:

1. Visual appeal and engagement. Billboards should wow audiences. Their sheer size commands attention, but maximizing this visual power requires good visual engagement. When consumers pass by billboards, they typically only have a few seconds to view the ad. It is for this reason that you should create a visually engaging billboard design – one that will make audiences remember the message you are trying to send about your brand, product, service, or your business in general. The most effective billboards are those that are visually engaging and have good shock value, without necessarily taking away from the message you are trying to send.

2.    Simplicity. While you want the wow factor of a visually appealing ad, this doesn’t have to mean an entire canvas filled with bold design elements. Sometimes, keeping your design simple is what makes a billboard visually appealing. A simplistic design can also go a long way in terms of getting people to pay attention to what you are trying to say with your ad.

3.    Call to action. Billboards and ads without any call to action will not provide you the results you want. Good ads persuade. They facilitate conversations. They make people ask questions and push them to take action.

4. Consistency. Finally, make sure that your billboard ads are consistent with your entire marketing strategy. While billboards can be seen as standalone platforms, your messaging should tie your overall marketing strategy together to ensure maximum impact of your entire campaign.

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