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Take Your Ads on the Road with a Bus Campaign.

Bus advertising is an effective means to reach audiences of all ages, incomes, and backgrounds. Placing your ads on buses and in bus shelters lets you put your brand in front of pedestrians, commuters, and motorists—locals on their way to work, students going to campus, tourists who are finding their way around the city, and many more.  Putting ads on bus exteriors and bus shelter advertising continue to be effective because of many reasons.

Bus ad campaign

  • These ads—unlike TV ads or digital ads—can’t be zapped or turned off. These interruptive marketing techniques allow you to deliver content without having to ask permission from your audience.
  • Transit advertising allows you to bring your message to the most desirable high-traffic areas—even those parts of town where billboards are not allowed.
  • They are hard to ignore because they are large and colorful, designed to demand attention. Take a quick look at a bus advert and you’ll immediately notice a high production value. You’ll be proud to associate your brand with such a format.
  • Your audience doesn’t have to be reading a particular publication or listening to a certain radio station to receive your message.
  • Consumers can see your ads at the best possible time they are not yet at work, at home, or in school and are most ready to make a purchase or respond.
  • Bus advertising also offers flexibility in terms of size and budget. It often costs much less than TV ads and billboards, allowing you to reach a huge audience for an affordable cost. Its scalability makes it a fantastic option for small businesses and local organizations. Bus ads have the added benefit of being affordable enough to change up for different locations.
  • Bus exteriors and bus shelter advertising provide constant exposure, ensuring that your ad is seen at least 12 hours a day. Your adverts almost never stop working.
There are many types of bus ads to choose from depending on your goals and your budget. Wrapped buses are the largest options, whereby a bus is covered entirely by your full-color vinyl advertising design. King and queen signs plastered on the sides of buses are the second largest types. You can also choose tail signs—which you have probably seen if you have even been stuck behind a bus in a traffic jam or at a traffic light. And then there are interior cards lining the tops of bus windows, which can only be seen by bus riders.  Bus shelter ads are also great options for both national and local advertisers. They are backlit, providing 24-hour visibility to pedestrians and vehicles at high-circulation areas along main roads.

If you’re interested in taking your ads on the road with a bus campaign, contact an Out of Home (OOH) ad specialist. They can help ensure that your campaign is strategically planned and well executed.