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February 13, 2018
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Simple steps for Advertising on Public Transit

Outdoor advertising in Boston lets you position strategically placed eye-catching ads across the transit route, onboard vehicle fleets and on busy roads, just to name a few. It provides an essential medium to reach audiences of all ages, incomes, and backgrounds. When you are using transit or outdoor advertising, you are not just addressing passengers, you are also reaching families in their vehicles, tourists discovering your city, and students shopping or right on the campus.

Here are a few simple steps for advertising on public transit:

Select the markets

The first step is to select a market that allows you to target your end consumers. Find a location with access to a captive audience of travelers who spend hours traveling or staring at billboards while sitting in their cars. Try to understand what your target users do on a daily basis and select a location and ad formats that are visible to them.

Select the format

Outdoor advertising in Boston comes in many different forms. A few examples include bench advertising, airport advertising, bus advertising, bus shelter advertising, phone kiosks, arena, and stadium advertising.  Choose the format that will help you reach your target demographic. The types of outdoor advertising in Boston takes on so many forms that it can become overwhelming to choose the right option for your brand. Call us to help you understand which method will be more suitable for your brand and help you reach your customers.

Crunch the numbers

To be successful, your advertising campaign should carry messages that appeal to your customers. A crucial step to creating an advertising budget is to calculate your available budget. The product or service advertised target customers and sales revenue of the company are the three vehicles that dictate the advertising budget of your campaign.

Pick the advertising period

Choose an advertising period that coincides with the launch of your product or service. Choosing an advertising period right before a big event in your industry is key. For example, florists can launch a unique campaign right before the week of Valentine’s Day.

Choose your partner

Look for a vendor with years of experience in outdoor advertising in Boston. Your partner should be committed to bringing you the best of outdoor advertising by offering you newer formats, innovative technology, measurement tools, and exciting opportunities to help you engage your customers.

Contact us today to learn more about outdoor advertising options in the Boston area.