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February 27, 2017
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Outdoor Advertising: Leverage Your Business Sales Strategy

As you walk by and look at the attractive billboards or any other outdoor media advertising, you might wonder if outdoor media advertising works in this day and age.

As a business owner or a manager, you might have thought of using the power of outdoor media advertising to advertise your brand and promote your business; but if you are unsure about its many benefits, here a few facts :

Stats Don’t Betray!

A recent Nielsen Audio (formerly Arbitron) survey reveals…

1. 71% of consumers do ‘often’ stare at billboards.

2. 56% of audiences studied mentioned that they talk about a funny or interesting billboard ad with family or friends.

3.Most consumers admit that they learned about a new product through a billboard ad.

So, we can safely conclude that:

Outdoor media advertising is still very efficient even in 2017.

How outdoor advertising can help your business

OOH / Outdoor Advertising Shapes Buying Decisions

An outdoor advertisement captures attention of people on the go. Since people spend less time at home and are less exposed to traditional ads like TV, radio, magazines, outdoor advertising is something that captures immediate attention. It creates a deep impression in the minds of consumers and most importantly helps them to decide and take action.

A study shows…

Around 68% of buyers make their shopping plans and decisions while commuting.
Around 72% of OOH viewers shop on their way home.

Outdoor advertising helps in shaping impulse-buying decision and successful marketers take advantage of this and create original ads.

The Audience Can’t Ignore You!

People spend a majority of their time outside their homes travelling to work, business or elsewhere either self-driving or taking public transport. Many are long distance commuters.

Outdoor advertising brings a tremendous opportunity to capture these audience as they are bound to notice a nicely designed, well-targeted billboard ad and remember it too.

What’s more, people using public transport have nothing else to do than look at the advertisements. They can’t skip ads or switch channels like they do while watching TV or listening to the radio. They go through your advertisement mindfully. The impression remains long after, often shaping a buying decision.

Build Your Brand

Outdoor advertising or OOH ads work wonderfully for brand building, creating awareness and increasing the perception of a brand. Because of the impact they create, well written and focused OOH ads have high recall value.

Size And Location Matters

When strategically placed, an OOH ad instantly captures the attention of the viewers.
Often it is a stand-alone ad, and doesn’t get mixed up with hoards of other ads. Its’ sheer size and the duration it is exposed to a viewer’s eyes creates a long lasting effect.

Permanency Helps

Outdoor media has a prolonged presence at a place for 24 hours and seven days a week for quite a period. A distinct advantage OOH has over other media is its fixed position and repeated exposure to passersby creating a lasting impression.

The bottom-line is, OOH or outdoor advertising if done prudently, can go a long way in bringing returns to your invested dollar.

How OOH can work for your business:

Digital Billboard Advertising

A digital billboard advertisement is created using computer software that allows continuously changing texts and images. This makes the ad interesting and more impactful.

Interactive OOH Ads

Advanced OOH technologies help you make your ads interactive and therefore attractive. Here is an example of how interactive OOH ads can help you better communicate with your customers.

Peapod, LLC an online grocery delivery service made an OOH ad that looked like a grocery store shelf. Commuters could scan the products on display using their cellphones and order them through the Peapod website. An excellent idea for branding and sales as well!

Simplicity Rules

Simple yet spectacular advertising creates a lasting effect in mind and goes a long way in building your brand. Simplifying your message can help your customers quickly understand the message your brand wants to convey.

Large, clear fonts, an innovative message and creative design make your advertising spectacular and is bound to attract the attention of your target customers. Also, ensure you follow the rules and regulations of OOH ads in the city where you want to run your campaign.