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How OOH Builds and Sustains Brand Awareness

In a business environment overrun with competition, what do you do to differentiate your business from all the others? What separates one outstanding product from the other? How can you build brand awareness so powerful that the sight of your brand’s logo or name brings instant recognition and trust among your consumers?

The answer is brand advertising, which is one of the most significant assets for your business as it grows and develops.

Companies can harness the power of Out of Home advertising (OOH) to build brand awareness, brand recognition and expand their market.

With today’s hectic lifestyles, OOH is key for reaching the masses on the go. People are spending less time at home, resulting in less exposure to traditional media outlets like TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers.

Consider these facts about OOH and why it has become the most preferred medium for building and sustaining brand awareness:

    • Over 80% of billboard viewers look at the advertising message, and nearly half of them habitually look at the advertising message.
    • Three-quarters of the total of U.S adults have noticed advertising on digital billboards, static billboards, subway, commuter rails, taxi cabs or newspapers stands in the past month.
  • Over 69% of viewers make purchase decisions outside of their homes

By incorporating Out-of-home in the media mix, advertisers have the ability to:

Build and maintain brand awareness:

OOH is ideal for eliciting instant awareness about your product and elevating the credibility of your brand. These strong carry-over-effects ensure that your brand awareness levels strengthen over a period of time.

Larger-than-life images, dominant visibility, and strong branding stand out in a cluttered environment. It is not competing with other forms of media and can help cut-through a plethora of other advertisements. Digital billboards in New York or Los Angeles go a long way in promoting your brand.

Reach mass outdoor audience:

Out of Home advertising (OOH) media provides a continuous brand presence and is there to inform, entertain, and stimulate your senses 24 hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week. It reaches an audience that other media find hard and cost-prohibitive to engage with, like light TV viewers. As different types of media become more and more fragmented, advertisers are expanding, choosing OOH to target a much broader demographic.

Achieve sustained awareness

OOH’s ability to maintain recognition over time is much more significant than most advertising mediums, including television. Because of a continuous presence, it reaches audiences that other media outlets might find challenging to tap into. High frequency is a fundamental strength of outdoor advertising and repeated exposure ensures that your brand is remembered.

To sum it up, OOH helps in the following ways :

    • Helps launch a successful brand by building and maintaining brand awareness at an affordable cost
    • Reaches mass audiences efficiently and easily targets specific audiences and markets with high-frequency advertising, including business travelers, shoppers, teens, and more.
    • Multiplies the effect of other advertising channels by reinforcing the message over and over again
  • Provides a ‘path to purchase’ helping to convert brand awareness into consumer purchase

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