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Why is Location Based Advertising the Next Big Thing?

Location based advertising has always been considered an exciting mobile opportunity for brands and businesses that want to promote their offerings directly to people within their immediate reach. Once considered a novel concept, it has now become much more prevalent. Orlando advertising and worldwide marketing communities now welcome the idea with open arms, but not all are using this outlet to its full potential. If you are rethinking ways to spread advertising dollars to channels other than your  Las Vegas billboards, perhaps you should consider location based advertising as your next big marketing move.

What exactly is Location based advertising and how is it the next big thing in marketing?

The concept of place-based advertising is based on people’s dependence on their mobile gadgets—particularly the smartphone. No one goes anywhere anymore without a smartphone and most people willingly and happily share location data with the different apps that they use. This presents an excellent opportunity for advertisers to hyper personalize ad messages to people based on where they are at the exact time. Using a target consumer’s data from their mobile device, you can send a location-relevant message to them depending on where they are in real time.

What makes location based advertising so effective?

A huge part of its appeal has to do with people’s changing attitudes toward data sharing and the deeper integration of technology into everyday life. Here are even more reasons why this form of advertising is truly the next big thing in the field of marketing:

  •         It is personalized – You can’t get more personalized than ads sent to your mobile phone based on your current location. Numerous studies already prove how people enjoy personalized engagement far better than generic messages. Finding out what your target audience is actually interested in and personalizing your messages with a sensible approach—such as a location-based ad—is a much more effective means of promoting your business than a generic blanket offer.
  •         It is timely – Location based advertising is served in real-time, providing businesses with a great opportunity to target customers at precise moments. This means sending people personalized offers as they walk through your doors and giving your offers more visibility to consumers who are ready to buy.
  •         It is targeted – Finally, you get to take advantage of the sheer amount of data at your disposal, thus allowing you to target your messages more effectively toward the right target audience at the right time.