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May 5, 2013
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How To Deploy (Digital Billboard) Signage Campaigns Nationally

Digital Billboards are becoming increasingly important for a wide range of businesses.

You’ll see digital signage in the central business districts of major cities, in football stadiums, in stores, restaurants, and more. Businesses are increasingly discovering that digital signage can help their customers in a variety of ways. The technology can also help companies generate revenue by communicating messages that compel consumers to make buying decisions. If your company wants to deploy or expand a digital program nationally – that is, a multi-site rollout across geographies – there are 8 key factors to consider:

1. Begin with the end in mind. What do you want your program to achieve? What are the cost considerations? Do you want the program to generate revenue, or awareness, or both?

2. Work with a company with extensive experience in the field. This company can manage the entire process from concept to completion. It can be beneficial to work with a single source company so there’s no need to deal with multiple vendors.

3. Plan the budget for national deployment. Make sure the budget complements the desired outcome for the program. It can also be important to be realistic and conservative about the potential for advertising income.

4. Design the program so it’s flexible, scalable, and elastic. In other words, take the time to get it right the first time. There are three key elements to a digital signage system: software, hardware, and the network/cabling infrastructure. It’s vital that software and hardware are fully compatible, so choose the correct overall configuration.

5. Plan the installation carefully. Be sure to rely on experienced vendors to perform the work. Again—it’s costly to fix problems after the project has already been started and especially if it has been completed.

6. Design the security protocols correctly. Digital signage systems will need to mesh with the company’s firewalls and security protocols. (if Applicable)

7. Find experts who truly understand digital signage. They’ll best know how to maximize its effectiveness while minimizing costs, enhancing long-term value, and helping the company mine new revenue seams.

8. Understand all the benefits of a national digital signage program. It can be helpful to look at other companies to discover how they are utilizing their signage systems especially in a larger-scale, multi-site context. In the retail environment, a comprehensive digital signage program can increase impulse buys by up to 400%-

Rolling out a national Digital program is an exciting step for a company. A national program provides a company with a completely new way to communicate with current and prospective customers. But remember that planning, design, and implementation require significant expertise and experience.

Working with professionals experienced in national roll outs of digital signage, and the infrastructure to make it work seamlessly, will ensure you get the most out of your investment. (Datatrend 2012)