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January 29, 2019
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Film and Movie Marketing Can Use Wall Mural Advertising for Promotions


Wall advertising has always been a popular means of promotion for movies and television programs. Despite the rise of new media, like digital advertising channels (especially the internet and social media), painting murals on walls remains an effective marketing strategy, not only for film and television but also for brands and businesses. Whether you are about to launch a new movie or a new brand, below are even more reasons why you should consider wall advertising on top of using digital channels and other traditional out of home avenues to virally promote your cause:

  • Painting murals on walls is an age-old, tried and tested means to promote, advertise, and send a message. Wall murals, like billboards, are impactful. Their sheer size makes audiences pause and takes a second look, which is ideal for sending bold campaign messages and making sure that audiences take notice.
  • Wall advertising is a versatile form of promotional strategy in that it can be implemented both indoors and outdoors. Murals can be found in the interior as well as exterior locations, ranging from the sides of a building to indoor hallways or other high-traffic locations, where they create the greatest impact.
  • Painting murals on walls create large-format ads that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also command attention. They ensure ads that are impossible to miss. With well-made designs, you don’t only announce your message clearly and effectively, but also create better recall among customers.
  • Wall advertising is used to make people stop and stare, so that audiences are forced to talk about what you are promoting, even as they walk away from your ad. External wall ads also have great potential to become well-known landmarks, despite their temporary nature.
The possibilities are endless when it comes to wall advertising. If you are curious about the impact of painting murals on walls for your upcoming film launch, Medialease OOH can help you create an effective campaign that will take advantage of this and other forms of communication for your cause. Combined with other out of home advertising channels, wall advertisements can be an efficient addition to your marketing mix and Media Lease OOH offers an extensive array of services to help you in your campaign promotions.