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February 23, 2017
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August 28, 2017
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Is Billboard Advertising Effective in 2017?

Have you ever looked at large billboards on your way to work and wondered if they are still effective? Like many managers or business owners, you have probably thought about using outdoor media advertising but aren’t sure if billboards can provide a nice return on investment. The good news is that yes—even in this age of digital advertising, billboards are still very effective additions to your promotional and marketing strategies in 2017 and beyond. Your advertising dollar can go a long way in digital billboard advertising, combined with airport advertising and other forms of outdoor media advertising.

BillBoard Advertising


Captive Audience

Studies show that on average, Americans spend about 20 hours in their cars, per week, either as drivers or passengers. Some people—especially those with long daily commutes— spend an even bigger chunk of their time in their cars than at home watching TV or reading magazines. This indicates that cars provide immense advertising opportunities. Digital billboard advertising lets you take advantage of the hours your potential customers spend behind the wheel.


The Numbers Don’t Lie
A recent Arbitron study reveals that billboard advertising remains effective, as 71% of consumers ‘often’ look at roadside billboards. What’s more, 56% of respondents say that they talk to friends and family about funny or interesting billboards they see while on the road. A majority of American consumers also claim that—at one point or another—they learned about a product or event that they later patronized through a billboard.


Affecting Buying Decisions

Billboards are undoubtedly hard to miss, but more than that, they also prompt customers to take action. As many as 72% of billboard viewers shop on their way home. A whopping 68% of consumers in general make shopping decisions during their driving commute, which is why successful marketers use billboard advertising to snag impulse buys. Some 32% of drivers went to visit a shop, restaurant, or business that they saw advertised on a billboard during the week.

Ensuring Success

These statistics are certainly reassuring, but for your billboard campaign to be a success, you have to create a strategic, clever, and engaging campaign that truly gets noticed. Simple designs with clear, easy to read messages tend to do better than cluttered ads. For best results, seek the help of a company that specializes in planning, executing, and managing premium billboard campaigns.  They can help ensure that your campaign is a success, whether you’re launching nationally or locally.