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7 Ways to Create Poster Ads that Work

Effective Ways to Create Poster Ads that Work

Good poster design is critical to successful poster advertising. Whether it’s for promoting a brand, business, service, or event, poster ads make effective tools to communicate your message. These classic forms of advertising are only as good as their concept and design, which is why it is imperative to know how to create posters that create the right impact and encourage the right reactions from your target audience. Here are tips on creating poster ads that work:

  1. Legibility is key. Making your design easy to read and understand is crucial if you want your poster ad to be effective in communicating your message. If you can’t avoid a text-heavy design, make sure that information is presented in a way that doesn’t overwhelm readers with typography. Divide text elements into three major layers, namely the headline, details, and fine print.
  2. Choose high-contrast designs. For design elements to be legible, you want to choose high-contrast color schemes that will help them pop out from the page.
  3. Size should directly correlate with the poster location. Consider the location you plan to put up your posters so you can decide on proper sizing and aspect-ratio and avoid visual cluster, especially when you have limited poster real estate/canvas to work with.
  4. Make designs that can be scaled up or down or at least create smaller versions that are shareable/usable on various digital and print platforms.
  5. Create a visually appealing design. The point of poster advertising is to capture people’s attention and imagination by creating visual interest. Study what works for your target audience and stick with the kinds of images that they respond to.
  6. Use good typography. Some of the most effective modern poster designs feature excellent typography. Experiment with different typefaces that can bring your message forward effectively.
  7. Have fun with it! The secret to a fresh and effective poster design is creating a layout that you find fun and attractive. Stretch your imagination and creativity by experimenting with various design elements that showcase the fun side of your brand.
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